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Amazon SEO: Ultimate Guide to Ranking Your Product #1 on Amazon in 2019

Amazon SEO (search engine optimization) is vital to becoming a successful amazon seller, as it increases your products visibility without having to invest in expensive PPC. Amazon is the worlds second largest search engine behind Google of course.  This means that...

Amazon SEO (search engine optimization) is vital to becoming a successful amazon seller, as it increases your products visibility without having to invest in expensive PPC. Amazon is the worlds second largest search engine behind Google of course.  This means that millions of people are searching daily for new products to buy and having your product’s listing dialed in could be the difference maker in you becoming the next Amazon millionaire or just another flop.

To increase your products visibility, first you need to understand how the Amazon ranks products in their search engine.  This post is here to help you whether you are a beginner and creating your first Amazon listing or an experienced veteran looking to optimize your existing listings to generate some more revenue. Now let’s get you started on your journey to ranking your products higher and making more sales on Amazon in 2019!

A9 Algorithm

What is the A9 algorithm? Well, it’s the algorithm Amazon uses to rank its products. Amazon uses this algorithm to try and offer the most relevant and highest quality products for their users when searching for a particular product.  Amazon’s A9 algorithm is continuously analyzing traffic patterns and indexing the products that will please their customers the best. A well optimized product listing is more likely to catch the algorithm’s attention and therefore be shown more often to Amazon customers.  Knowing what the algorithm is looking for and then optimizing your listing to fit those requirements is going to give you that leg up on the competition you need to succeed!

Amazon Keyword Research

Keyword research is the most important part of the Amazon SEO process.  Keyword research will allow you to find the most popular keywords people are using when searching for your products. By conducting thorough keyword research, you will be able to find the best possible keywords and phrases that you can target in your product description and title. Doing this will insure that you are set up for future Amazon success.

If you fail to do the correct keyword research, then you are setting your product up for failure.  This is a crucial point in listing creation and should not be rushed. Making sure to use strong keywords and plugging them into your listing will give your product listings a strong foundation.

How do you conduct Amazon keyword research? Start creating a list of potential keywords for your product by using tools such as MerchantWords or Ubersuggest.  Another great tactic is by typing a portion of your main keyword into Amazon and using some of the recommendations that drop down from the search bar. Another great way is pulling your PPC reports from Amazon and seeing what keywords are getting the most clicks from your existing campaigns.  This is especially effective for those more experienced sellers out there. By implementing these simple strategies, you can start building a strong list of hot keywords that will help with crush your Amazon SEO in 2019.

Product Images

Product images are the first thing the customer look at on your product listing.  They should be of high quality and you should have at least 4 different images from different angles and such.  Images are the biggest contributor to conversions and give the customer the best idea of what they are spending their money on. Do not cheap out on your images, please.

You should follow Amazon’s guidelines when adding images to give customers a better experience when viewing your product listings. Amazon recommends that the images should be more than 1000 pixels so that customers can use the zoom feature to have a better look at what they are buying. This is because better quality images have been proven to sell more products. Just think about it, would you rather buy a product which is advertised with high quality images, so you can see what you are getting, or a product with low quality blurry images? Amazon also requires all images to have a plain white background and anything other than white will be taken down.

Product Title

When listing a product, make sure the title of the listing has the most important keywords from your list.   Amazon prioritizes the title when ranking products in their search engine. The most important part of your product title is the first part as that is what people see when they are skimming through the product listings.  Begin your title with your brand name and then follow it with your keywords. This will keep your title from being over optimized and penalized causing it to drop in ranking.

Bullet Points

Bullet points are the next thing Amazon takes into consideration after the title of the listing.  Creating awesome bullet points will also help increase the conversion rate on your products. You should you’re your bullet points to list the features of your product and the value it provides to the customer.  In the bullet points you are essentially making the sales pitch to the customer. This is a better method than just adding the features of your products and the benefits into paragraphs as customers don’t have the attention span to read every product description.

Product Description

Once you have caught the customers attention with your incredible title and attention-grabbing bullet points, they can read into the fine details in the product description. The product description doesn’t impact the rank of your products directly, but it will have an affect on the visibility of your product. Making sure to write a good description that covers all the relevant topics about your product will help increase the sales of your product. Your description should have call-to-actions to motivate the users to actually make a purchase and not just click off the page and keep looking at other products. You should add this call-to-action at the end, so it is the last thing users read and this may increase the chances of them buying your product.

Using these simple Amazon SEO tactics will help increase your product’s visibility and then leading to more sales. Thus, your product will rank higher due to these sales, and Amazon will see this and increase your product ranking as your product is relevant to the customers it is being shown to. Implement these simple strategies and you will be on your way to a successful 2019 selling on Amazon!